Friday, January 22, 2010

Why, oh why, don't they understand?

In the interest of not getting myself in trouble by identifying the specific person I'm referring to, in case they happen to read it, I will speak in generalities (but this person could be identified as DM). First off, no one I know in my "real life" scrapbooks. No one. My friends give me blank, often disapproving looks when I mention it and I know they don't get it. Other people even closer, actively disapprove. Not DH. He thinks it's a good "hobby". Other people though (who are not to be identified, but could be labeled as DM and DF) actively disapprove. They think that "hobbies" are something you might do if you have a surplus of time and money. Otherwise, you should be focusing on other, more useful things (like cleaning the house) or things that make money. "I never did that" is what they say, and it seems to explain why they feel I'm misplacing my time. Why do I even tell them about it? I need to stop. To them, scrapbooking is "just a hobby" - in other words, a total waste of time and money and I'm being silly to spend either on it. At least online I see so many people who love it (and other forms of art) just as much as I do - I'm not alone and I'm not silly or insane :) Whew, thank goodness.


  1. OMGoodness! I fully concur...I totally get you woman. People don't really get why we spend the time doing what we do...we just have an inner need to be creative, right! You are NOT insane, I repeat, NOT INSANE!
    That's why I'm in love with the experience of really makes you feel connected, it's completely validating.
    People are always asking whether I'm making money at IT? I don't do this for the money...although that has actually happened...but that's not what drives me, you know....okay, I'll stop rambling now...I just want you to know that I enjoyed your read this morning....with my cup of coffee....

  2. Scrapbooking and Card Making are also therapy with benefits! It is in outlet for our stress, our frustrations.. We can channel that energy into something beautiful, not just for ourselves but for our families.. something that lasts.. long after we are gone...

  3. I just started scrapbooking but I am a runner and people don't understand why I want to spend hours training to run a race I can not win. With my 3 months into SC I see that I get lost in it just like I do in running. You can never please everyone so enjoy your self life is short.

  4. oh I am so laughing at this! I do understand, kinda...I don't have anyone who acknowledging dissaproves, but I don't have anyone close who actually understand the crazy excitement you get over scrapping...and besides all that. You are re-creating all these wonderful memories for your children that they will always cherish! So who cares about said DM opinion!


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