Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A scrapbooker's nightmare

My printer ran out of ink. LOL...yes, it's a total nightmare. I already ordered more but now I have to wait. In the meantime...no photos to scrap! Well, actually I always have photos since I'm always in the middle of several projects. But still, no more new photos I can print. I have 2 projects in the works that I have photos printed for, but both are minis. I was really wanting to do a 12x12. Be patient, Ilene!

And I totally scored today! Today is a work day, but while there, I had a long break so I went to ACMoore. They were having a 40% off sale on all their stickers. Yes, ALL, no exceptions. I got me BG June Bug chip sticker shapes for $3 (and I really wanted those, too!). And...drumroll, they actually had some of those beautiful Prima pearl flourishes. I grabbed three different ones, and asked if they were considered stickers. The cashier thought they were, but had to go find someone, and that someone went to the manager, etc. They came back after 20 min and said they weren't on sale, but they'd still give them to me at 40% off. Whoo hoo! Replenishing my very low and much used Prima flourish stock. That's one scrapbooking item that doesn't end up being stashed away in some dusty corner.


  1. AW..It's not fun to have to put your creativity on hold like that. I try to buy surplus stuff, but it still happens to me on occasion. Patience, they say it's a virtue...WHATEVER! LOL


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