Friday, January 15, 2010

Our trip to Egypt

Wanted to share this album. I suppose one could call it a mini...although there's nothing "mini" about it. March 2008, DH and I went to Egypt on a 9 day trip. It was as wonderful as I imagined, and my expectations were high. This scrapbook is an album I bought in Egypt. It has, if I remember correctly, 25 pages. That's 50 pages, plus I put something on the inside front and inside back covers. Let's just say we had nearly 1000 photos and it was difficult to stop at 50 pages. Because my space was limited, I had to plan very carefully. It starts with our first day and chronologically ends with our last. Therefore, I had to make sure I devoted some space to everything. It took a LOT of planning. And a while to complete. There are sheet protectors between each page and the pages are black. The cover is leather engraved with a famous ancient painting of the Pharaoh in battle. While on the trip, we took an excursion by plane to Abu Simbel to see this in one of the temples. The most unbelievable thing about Egypt is how well everything is preserved. These ancient monuments are still standing, just as impressive now. Because of the dry climate there, all this fares much better. In many places, there's still paint left from thousands of years ago and you can clearly see how colorful everything used to be. You can imagine the painters with their brushes, painting away, likely enjoying it just as much as we enjoy scrapbooking :)

See all the inside pics in my gallery at 2Peas. It is labeled Egypt Vacation mini (PART 1), (PART 2), (PART 3)


  1. what an amazing project! such a wonderful treasure

  2. I soooooo envy you!! Egypt is one place I would to visit before I die!! Oh and you have made keeping the memory soooo amamzing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  3. wow beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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