Thursday, January 21, 2010

Any advice?

How do I make enough time in a day to watch DS (I'm staying home with him, except for Tuesdays), take care of the house, exercise, and still have time to scrapbook/create? If you've figured out a system, I'd love to hear from you. He's still sleeping in my bed, so it's really hard to scrap after he goes to sleep, and he's a bad napper, so usually that doesn't work. I know there are people out there who have it figured out. I know your houses are clean and you still scrapbook every day. So let's hear from you, because I'm far from where I want to be with my daily schedule.

Today, I finally got him sleeping and started scrapping, when a package arrived, setting our dog on a barking spree, waking DS. It was all over from there. So that 10 minutes will likely be all I get today. And it's still better than what I had yesterday - nothing.

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  1. What you could do is run around doing the "lick and the promise" sort of quickie house maintenance sort of fashion, all at lightening speed. The faster you charge through, the more calories you burn, so there really is no need to exercise on top of that! Always create when they sleep, it will fill your soul, refresh you...and boost your spirits for when it's not nappy time because you feel fulfilled.....
    that's all I got! lol


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