Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poor baby.

Poor DS is teething - he's getting the back molars in. The two on top are already in, but the bottom ones, we're still waiting on. He's been pretty whiny and having a hard time sleeping. After he kept waking up tonight, I finally gave him Tylenol, and it seems to have helped.

On the positive side, I have finished one LO for my GDT work already and am working on a second one, as well as a mini. The mini will take some time, it's very involved. But then again, they always are :) The finished one used the Cosmo Cricket and the one I'm in the middle of is with the MME. The mini is with Graphic 45. All of these companies have been so fun to work with. I really like all the paper I got. But then again, I'm a paper addict. I also got to use tonight for the first time the new template I got as well. It allowed me to make perfect circles, and I'll get you a link when I share that LO with you.

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  1. Poor baby!! I remember those days, not fun for mommy either!!! Hope he feels better soon!



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