Friday, February 18, 2011

Graphic 45 Submissions

As I mentioned before, I am applying for the G45 DT call. I think it's no secret that I adore their papers, and all the new items they're coming out with. I love the slightly edgy style, and it so fits me. In general, I much prefer pp that has larger images that can be cut out, and no one does it better than G45. And here they are, in chronological order (of when I completed them), my 15 favorite G45 projects that I am submitting as my application (and of course I have more projects and several cards on MY PAGE on the G45 ning site):

1. Once Upon A Springtime (close-ups HERE)

2. Fabulous (close-ups HERE)

3. The Fairies (close-ups HERE)

4. Fairy Princess (close-ups HERE)

5. Pen In Hand - Mini Album (close ups and inside pages HERE), and HERE is a different G45 mini.

6. Imagination (close-ups HERE)

7. By The Pool (close-ups HERE)

8. A Will Of Steel (close-ups HERE)

9. A Proper Gentleman (close-ups HERE)

10. Family Printer's Tray (close-ups HERE)

11. Today I Am 32 (close-ups HERE)

12. Boy, Oh Boy (close-ups HERE)

13. @ The Beach (close-ups HERE)

14. Bathing Beauties (close-ups HERE)

15. Girls And Their Toys (close-ups HERE)

So there you have it. Making the G45 DT would be an absolute dream come true for me, so wish me luck! :)


  1. Wow! Some amazing, beautiful projects there Ilene. Good luck!!!

  2. Hey Ilene,wishing you so much luch!!They must have YOU!!!!!I love all your work you made with Graphic45!I'm a fan as weel...not to use it but to have it and to look at it for hours....the papers are so amazing and they feel so good!!;))(are we crazy or what?)
    Today i will make a G45 L/O...i got a lot inspiration from you!!!!
    Have a good weekend and GOOD LUCK,keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

  3. I'm speechless! These are amazing layouts! I have some of this paper and it amazes me that the artwork you turned it into is nothing like what I will do (mine won't even compare to yours!!!) You are amazing! Good luck!

  4. these are gorgeous! really gorgeous!

  5. Your work with this is gorgeous Ilene! They would do well tohave you! :)
    Wishing you all the best!

  6. Gorgeous projects - Good Luck!

    Sarah x

  7. Beautiful LO's and good luck!!

  8. i do wish you luck....i think you are very talented and to use this pp...i get scared just seeing it!!!!LOL

  9. Good luck! Your projects are gorgeous!!!

  10. Ilene, your projects are just gorgeous!! Stunning details!! I'm wishing you luck on the DT call. Also have a little award for you on my blog

  11. These are amazing projects! I'm sending positive design team vibes your way! :)

  12. All of these are so pretty, and I love the fussy cutting you did. My favorite is the printers tray. Good luck to you on the design team call!

  13. Dear Ilene,thank you for inspiring fairy L/O is on my blog!Thanks again!!

  14. Gorgeous layout! Good luck with the DT call!

  15. Oh wow Ilene, you are so talented! Your projects are fabulous, I wish you Good Luck!!!!

  16. Hi Ilene! Thank you so so muchf or dropping by my blog and in return leading me back to your blog because YOU girl are..amazing, inspirational, talented etc etc! WOW I am blown away by the layouts in this post alone. I wish you the very best of luck with Graphich 45! I hope you get this! Will be on the lookout for you as I am now intently following your blog! Take care, Nadia.

  17. Wowwwww that is so gorgeous what you did, I really love the graphic45 too.

  18. These are all wonderful, Ilene--good luck to you!


  19. Ilene!
    You have always been my favourite scrap book artist!
    I wish you all the best.

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  20. Ilene, the best of luck sweetie, you know I love your work!!! You will be great and you will be in!!!


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