Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pen in Hand - G45 4" Mini

I finally finished my G45 Communique line don't know what I'm talking about, do you?'s been a really long time. This is back from last March or so, when I did a GDT spot for a store that's now out of business. I was able to pick out what I wanted to work with from the store, and I had picked a few sheets of this pp, meaning to do a mini album filled with motivational quotes about writing. I started working on it, made some progress, and then ran into a few issues I couldn't figure out how to fix, so I pretty much abandoned it for nearly a year. It sat in a box, and recently I decided it was silly to have this box just sitting around and I needed to either...poo or get off the get the idea. So I decided I would finish it and it was actually fun and not as complicated as I feared it would be. I used a MR 4" binder mini album (these are so cute and tiny!) and I used a MR library card singleton stamp. I used the backside of a Tim Holtz Lost and Found pp, since they have such a perfect amount of distressing and an aged look. The outside and inside of the spine are covered in 7G gaffer tape. So here it is...


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