Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scrapping some not-so-good pics.

I blogged for 3Birds today:

Sure, it's nice when you have gorgeous pics to scrap...but what about when you have a memory you want to document, but alas, no good pics to go with it? I had that problem when it came to scrapping our New Year's - DS would NOT cooperate! We had many out-takes...and never did get that one great pic. DS's lack of cooperation combined with bad lighting...well, this was the result. So I decided to just scrap them all! And throw a humorous title in, just to pull it all together. Here is the resulting LO, "How Hard Can It Be?" How hard can it be to get one good pic? Sometimes impossible :)


  1. Ilene, так неожиданно видеть темный фон на страничке про Новый год, но получилось очень интересно, при всей насыщенности деталями, он совершенно не отвлекает от главного - фотографий!
    Их очень интересно рассматривать, будто в игре "найди 10 отличий"!))Замечательная страничка!!:)

  2. In love with that loopy border, what IS it?! :)
    Ha, LOVE pics before I even read the journaling...made me typical, so adorable! :)

  3. Wow Ilene,that is an amazing L/O...and not one good Pic...thts very special too ;))
    And it's oke,cause it looks fab!!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Great use of the multi photos! Love the pop of color with the title!

  5. Gorgeous work Ilene,the multi pics look great...your blog looks great also!


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