Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy

Ok...remember many months ago, when DS was obsessed with our tree and liked to dig through the dirt? (BTW, he still does that every now and then). Well, this LO is about the fun he had when we weer outside a couple days ago. He found a pot of dirt and happily dug through it...and smeared it on himself...and threw it down his shirt and ALL over his head...and yes, he even tried to eat it. As in, there was dirt in his mouth and he chewed it with determination before finally giving up...yep, he's a boy, through and through!

That same day we were outside, I got some great pics of DD and she actually got a few really good ones of me! I was so excited LOL...there are never any good pics of! Next time I want some, I'll be sure to ask her instead of DH ;) So now I'm using the pics of her and I to make a super cute mini. It's been a lot of fun, but it'll be a little while before I'm done. Which is actually a good thing since I ran out of photo paper. And then ran out of ink... So even after the photo paper gets here, I'll still be waiting for thi ink which I likely won't get for at least another week. So it's a good thing I have something to work with! And of course, I could always dig out all of our photos that I used to print and put in photo albums :)

The pps on the LO are a mix of 2 G45 lines (one of my absolute fav brands ever!!) - Playtimes Past and A Proper Gentleman. I put 3 MME brads in the O's in the title - doesn't it look fun?


  1. ah,how cute.What a nice boy and the papers are perfect!!Beautiful!Absolutly a very cute page!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. i love how you dirtied up the ribbon :D


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