Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why am I posting at 4am?

It's 4 am and I'm up. DD had a little cold, and likely DS picked it up from her. Although, it could have been anywhere. His cold was not so little and has instigated an ear infection. Poor baby has been super cranky, not that I blame him. His cold has led to me now getting sick. So when he woke up a couple hours ago and then promptly fell back asleep, it was not so for me. My raging headache ensured that going back to sleep would be no easy matter. I took Excedrin which always does the trick. Yet, my head still hurts. Also, taking it on an empty stomach made me nauseous. So now I'm up, I ate some oatmeal...and I'm writing a list of things to pack if I can't take it tomorrow and go stay at my in-laws and my parents. Due to the snow situation, DD didn't have school Monday, it's canceled for Tues. And now, it'll snow again Tues, into Wed, likely canceling school for Wed, Thurs, and maybe Fri. I'm not sure I have it in me to take care of a somewhat clingy 5-year old, a super sick and fussy baby, and me (with my total lack of energy and nausea-inducing headaches, on top of snot and sinus pressure). I suppose if I had no choice, I could do it. But going to in-laws and parents is an option that I just might have to take. I already got a couple novels ready and am thinking of which scrappy project to take along. Fantasizing, actually :)

I suppose I'll update tomorrow on whether I actually went. I will only go as a last resort. However, considering that I'm getting no sleep tonight, it's a real possibility that that's what it'll come down to when I wake up tomorrow morning. I'm just hoping I manage a little more sleep tonight.


  1. sorry about the illness! I hate winter! I thought that was your lo over at Back Porch Memories...come on I thought I had a chance until you posted! Hope one of us wins! lol

  2. Hang in there Ilene!!! Having sick kiddos and being sick yourself is no fun, I know - wish I lived closer, I would be happy to help! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


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