Thursday, February 4, 2010

Michael's Shopping Extravaganza

I can sum it up with this: upon checking out, when told of the total, I asked about their return policy. Ouch.

No, unfortunately I didn't run across and $4 paper pads, but it's probably just as well. I did get a couple paper pads that used to be $20 for $7, but I think I'm only keeping one. What they did have was a lot of Tim Holtz stuff on clearance. Pretty much all his stuff. So I loaded up. They also had ink pads and other "Useful" things. Now all I have to do, is figure out which stuff I can get rid of - at least half has to go.

I've been working on some LO's to submit, so unfortunately, I can't share them yet. It's so hard not to - I have them uploaded, and everything!

Today, I need to get DS's BD invites done. He'll be 1 March 5th. It's somewhat hard to believe that the time has already passed. I was looking at DD's baby pics yesterday, and it completely put me back in that moment. I remembered it like it was yesterday, and it was hard to believe that she's 5 already.

I'm also planning a baby shower for a friend, to take place at my house the weekend after DS' BD party. My friend and I were planning it together and all was well, until another friend that we don't know decided to volunteer to help. Now this friend is acting weird and not responding to emails. It puts me in an awkward position, since this person (whom I don't know) is a friend of my friend whom I'm throwing the shower for. So...I can't just tell her to get lost or step it up. How is it that all this drama gets stirred up with the smallest things?


  1. Okay, I am staying out of Michaels....I need nothing and just bought a TON of stuff at Rusty Pickles' going out of business sale...which makes me sad :-( And, tell her anyway, LOL!!! Drama, aaah, what would we do without it, LOL! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Sorry U didnt rack up on any $4 paper packs.. U should of been like me and said Can U check the price of this before U ring it up-haha.. I bet I had 20 packs I made the poor lady check. but hey-i go to Michaels-once in a blue moon.. I would love to have some Tim Holtz ink. i have like 4 of his distressing pads is it.. SO I need every color-haha.. Anything Tim Holtz is awesome huh!
    thanks for telling me about winning that today. I had NO idea-and probably would NOT have checked it today either..
    Have a great Weekend in the SNOW??


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