Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why do I scrapbook?

It seems like everyone always has a good answer for this one. I'd like to say it's for the memories, or for my two adorable little kids, or...well, you get the idea. Really, I just scrapbook because I am obsessed - out of control, possessed, a little nuts. I can't really help myself. I see pretty paper and I have to have it. And then (a gazillion dollars later), I have it and then I have to use it. Before you know it, I'm dreaming about my pretty paper and all the pretty things I just Have to do with it.


Remember the two cute little kids I mentioned I have? Well, they're also known as time black holes. Whenever they're around (24/7, to be exact), there goes my scrapping time. So all that pretty paper just sits there. It's a very chivalrous relationship - I fantasize about it, it is my one true love, but my hands never sully it.

So, scrap booking is an obsession I can't really get over since I never really get enough. This blog will be my way to share all my scrap with you...and trust me, I have plenty :)

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