Monday, December 14, 2009

Maya Road Calendars

I bought 3 Maya Road Recipe Albums and decided to use them as calendars instead. I am making 3 almost identical ones - one for my mom for work, one for my dad for work, and one for my in-laws for their house. It's been kind of a lot of work, what with painting all the edges and making so many pages, but I'm almost done. I used the K and Co Que Sera line of papers (so gorgeous!). All the pages are done and I'm half-way through gluing them to the chipboard. I finally broke out the Fabri-Tac I had for so long, and I love this stuff! Now I'm thinking I should make covers for the calendars, since I have a little time before New Year's. Each page has a pic and a Maya Road sheer mini calendar. My mom gets the round ones, my dad the rectangle ones, and the in-laws the square ones. I'll take pics and post before gifting them :)

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