Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another no-go

Today, I got Dexter to fall asleep in his swing...but he was awake 5 minutes later. I had just started on that layout that's top priority right now. That was as far as I got. He's sleeping now (it's 9pm), but I can't work in my room when he's sleeping. My only option is to take all my scrapping stuff out and bring it elsewhere. I'm beginning to consider doing that. I've arrived to the point where it's time to resort to my last resort.

Tomorrow we might get some icy rain and then DH will work from home. That would be nice :) In another 2 weeks, he'll be home for 11 days, and that will be nice as well. In fact, he'll be home almost as long as Morgan will be off from school. This is her first year in public school (Kn) and it's amazing to see how many holidays and other various days off they have. At least it's free.

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