Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Project

I've been working on a mini - it's only 4"x4" - a Jenni Bowlin little book with lined pages. I'm making it into an anniversary present for my DH. On the 14th of Jan, it'll be 14 years since we started dating, so I wanted to give him something special. I'll have to post pics (and also post pics of the MR calendars). DH is home all week, so it actually leaves me less time to take pics and do other stuff like that. Plus, we're working on getting the house clean before 2010 hits.

In other news, we saw Avatar in 3D on the 25th. And wow, the theater was so crowded. Everything was sold out. We had to buy tickets and come back to a later showing. The movie was really good. I definitely recommend it - and it did get an A from critics, which is rare. With the 3D and the unbelievable special effects, you really felt like you were there, flying over that beautiful planet. It was so gorgeous and sometimes I completely forgot I was in the theater.

One guy tried to spoil my experience - I came in to get seats while DH parked. This guy, sitting with his friend, had a seat on one side, and one on the other. The theater was packed and there were no other seats together. I asked him to move, and he actually said no, and was totally rude about it, like I was asking for a million dollars. It's sad that some people feel the need to be nasty. We found someone else who was willing to move, thankfully, as were able to see the movie sitting next to each other. But still, ugh.

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