Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow tomorrow?

At least it's what they're promising. I ran into Acme today to get some food, just in case, and it was like a war zone in there. Doesn't anyone have any food in their fridges? At least enough to survive through one day? They're only promising snow for tomorrow. Ah well, who am I to talk - I was there just like everyone else, panicking about what we'll all eat on a snowy Saturday. Just watch - there'll be no snow. No, wait. It's a weekend and we have fun things planned, so we'll probably get snowed in. It's only when they promise snow during the week, with the prospect of getting a day off from work, that they always fail to deliver.

Anyways, my parents were here today and we all went out to a Chinese buffet. They have sushi bar there (all you can eat as well), where they make the fresh sushi right in front of you. It's a great deal. I love that place. Even Morgan, my very picky 5-year-old has managed to become so used to it that she actually fills up. Chinese food is one thing you'd never think she'd eat. I guess we were there so often, she had no choice. And I'm already getting my nine-month-old accustomed to it :)

Working on a report for work again. No time to scrap tonight.

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