Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upsy daisy!

Yes, literally.... :) Kim, the DT coordinator for Upsy Daisy, very sweetly and generously sent me some brads...all the way from England...for absoultely no reason, other than to be nice! That was so awesome to come home to, and find in my mailbox.
Here, take a look at all the goodies she was so generous to share with me:

I made her a thank you card with the pretty Upsy Daisy pp :)


  1. so cool of her, love your card too :D

  2. Lucky lady! Awesome brads and gorgeous card! :)

  3. Eak, how sweet is that card!!!!
    Well it was my pleasure to send them to you and I LOVE that the brads came to a good home :)


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