Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Odd Girl cards!

For my projects for Some Odd Girl this month, I decided to do something a little bit different - I thought it would be fun to compare different mediums for coloring stamped images. To make it easier to compare, I used one stamp set for all three cards - "Believe" - and the same paper line - "vintage Vogue" by Pink Paislee. Don't forget - you can click on the images for a magnified view.

Here's the first card, where I used watercolor paper and watercolor paints. I also tried acrylic paints, but they had too much thickness/too much "body" for such a small canvas. With practice, it might be possible to make it work, but I'm not sure it's worth it since there are so many other wonderful options out there. I only tried acrylics because I LOVE them for painting in general. Anyhoo, here's the card, using Bliss and Vintage Vogue:

Here's the second card, this one using Bristol smooth paper and coloring pencils - I have a 120 pencil Primacolor set. I really loved coloring with the pencils, and I will be doing more of that - you have more control over them than the other mediums, I think. Here's the card:

And a close-up of Bliss:

And finally, here is Bliss again, this time colored with my latest obsession, Copic markers. I made this card a couple months ago, actually.

Ok, so here are all three cards together, for the sake of comparison:

So what do you guys think, could you have been able to tell what I used where if I hadn't told you first? Can you tell the mediums apart, and do you like one better than the other? I'm guessing it's all a matter of personal preference :) For me, I will be holding onto my Copics and Prismacolor pencils, and maybe try various artsy effects using watercolors. Thanks for looking!


  1. Your Cards are amazing! When you use your pencils what blending solution do you use?

    1. Thank you so much! I purchased Gamsol on ebay to use, but for this card, I didn't use it. I used Prismacolor pencils, which are pretty soft, and Bristol Smooth paper, so things blended very well without need for extra blending. Although I think if I did do more blending, it might have given it a slightly different, maybe softer look.

  2. Well I can not really tell.. I do like the black hair, and I love that green dress, and I like the style of the purple dress card.. There is something special in every card.. Very nice. TFS..KathyR.

    1. Thank you Kathy!! It seems like people can't really tell them apart - I guess the lesson is to use whatever you're most comfortable with :)


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