Friday, March 4, 2011

DS is I have 3 LO's about him!

Well, tomorrow is his Birthday so he'll be 2 next time I see him! How time flies. So it's actually really appropriate that I have 3 new layouts to share and they're all about him! This is all using Scraptacular's March kit (info HERE) - there's a bunch of Jillibean Soup, LYB, 3Bugs in a Rug, and really awesome Thickers - they're kraft!! I totally love these ones! As I mentioned before, this kit is so great if you have a little boy, especially. The papers are really cute :)

First up, "1st ER" - all about our first trip to the ER a few months ago...and yes, that orange band-aid in the bottom left corner is the actual one he got in the ER...kinda gross? LOL I love to preserve little artifacts and mementos.

Next up is Sleepy Boy...Dexter usually falls asleep on the way home from grandparents.

And last, I have "Dexter Faces" - these pics are from about a month ago, so pretty recent. That's my Dexter nowadays!

I met with Dexter's daycare teacher today and she told me that he is pretty laid back and behaves and listens very well, and is totally ready to move on to the 2 year old room. He's such a sweet boy too, and always runs up and hugs my leg and tells me he loves me. Don't get me wrong, he does have a lot of attitude! Things definitely have to be done his way, and he loves to be very self-sufficient and do everything for himself. And he's very stubborn and won't take no for an answer. A little difficult at times, but I guess a pretty good personality trait to have overall :)

So before I go, here are a few pics. Firs one is me, a few hours before giving birth. Yep, still smiling between contractions! LOL

And here is Dexter the day after he was born:

Here he is at age 1, having some birthday cake:


  1. Ilene,your belly was amazing wow,you were beautiful in your pregnancy!!Amazing!!
    And i love the 3 L/O's so sweet!!amazing work...i love your work!
    Have a very nice weekend and Happy birthday!!!!!!(can't wait to see the pics scrapped...;))

  2. he is so cute Ilene..they grow too fast though!! Gorgeous layout!!

  3. Love your layouts!!! they are amazing! And your pregnancy picture! wow, you looked stunning!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your boy :)
    These LOs are gorgeous! Love love love the one about his first ER visit...hope it isn't the first of many ;)

  5. These are all great, love the flowers and banners. Really loved the first LO with the band-aid. Happy Birthday to Dexter!

  6. OMG you were a gorgeous pregnant lady. No real surprise there, lol. Love that last page of him. Makes me wish I could do boy pages.

  7. your layout's is so AMAZING!!!and great details
    you are beautiful with your pregnancy..and happy Birthday !!!!

  8. great design as always. I wish I can scrap like you


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