Sunday, September 12, 2010

More time to scrap for me!!!

OMG, my life has taken a turn for the better!! I am soooo excited because now I will have more time to scrap. Before, I literally had no time (even though I somehow managed to complete a lot of LO's). The situation was that DS still sleeps with me (he's 18 months) and my scrap room is attached to my bedroom, so every evening I couldn't scrap. But now, I put him to bed in a different room (then he comes to my bed at night) now when he goes to bed, I can just scrapbook all evening....for hours at a time :0 I just can't believe I have so much time to scrap now!! I am so excited and it makes me enjoy the days and time with my family more, since I know in the evening I will still get to have "me/scrap" time. Loving this new set-up - I've finally started it a couple days ago and I am never going back! So you can now expect a lot more new LO's from me and I definitely have the time to add more DT's if I want. So happy! Also, I am adding more days at work. Right now it's one day, but in a week, it'll be 2 days, and then more and more, and that will actually give me more time too, and even time to schedule exercise time in. Doesn't life get so much easier as the kiddo's get older?

Also, DS had his 18 month Dr appt Friday and he's way off the charts, length-wise. He's a tall little boy! But then again, DH is 6'1 (I'm 5'6). If any of you have teenage sons, is it weird when they get to be taller than you? I always think how weird it'll be when this tiny little thing grows into someone I actually have to look UP at. LOL


  1. Awesome - look forward to seeing what you create!

    The pediatrician thinks my son will be taller than me by the time he's 10. (DH is almost a foot taller than me). I think the doctor is right.


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