Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Swan

Anyone seen it yet? I'm going to go see it tomorrow probably! It got A- from critics and Yahoo users, which is really excellent, so I'm excited :)

I don't have anything to share today - I'm working on another printer's tray (love those things!) and it's taking a while. I'm really upset - I sold and gave away all of my kids' baby socks and now I'm thinking one would have been absolutely perfect for the tray :( I'm going to go dig through some storage boxes, maybe I'll find something. I do like how it's coming along. Maybe I'll finish up tonight and can post tomorrow night.

I was feeling kind of down yesterday. The evening before yesterday's, DS dove head-first into our hardwood floor off the couch. He was fine a few minutes later, running around and laughing. Then the next day, I was at a workshop getting continuing education credits (to maintain my license), and I get a call from daycare that he slipped and fell into a table and will likely need stitches! Well, I couldn't leave, so I had to get DH to leave work early and take DS to the ER. He ended up only needing glue (dermabond or something like that), and he's fine. But I was so stressed out having to leave the workshop for extended phone calls. Then I called my dad to tell him about it and before I even could, he picked a fight with me. So I think the stress just kind of got to me. I'm all better today though. DS is fine, but I'm afraid I'm in for a lot of worrying down the road, with sky diving and bungeee jumping and demolition derby or something. DD was never like that at all (the opposite actually) so this is all new territory for me!


  1. Oh, sounds like an intense day for sure, so sorry, Ilene!!
    Wishing a calmer, happier Sunday for you, and of course I can't WAIT to see the gorgeous printer's tray you've come up with this time! :)

  2. Oh it never rains it just pours!!! One event always sets of a set of them, my mum used to say in 3's!!! How come only bad luck came in 3's and not good luck!! Hang in there!!

  3. oh wow definitely a bad couple of days for you. Glad to hear that your boy is ok though.


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